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Black Oils Section

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil, the most efficient petroleum product, is primarily made up of residues from the distillation of crude oil. It is mostly utilized for steam boilers in industrial facilities, power plants, and ships. Typically, other petroleum fractions are used with commercial fuel oils to achieve the required flash point and viscosity.

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Furnace Oil

Furnace oil is a dark-colored fuel used to produce heat and power. It can be either the residual fraction of crude oil or the distilled form of oil obtained during petroleum distillation. This fuel is thick, sticky, and glutinous in composition. Internationally, furnace oil is also referred to as bunker fuel and fuel oil. The fuel oil is mostly made up of long carbon and hydrogen chains called aromatics. Furnace oil essentially refers to commercial extracts from crude oil that are somewhat heavier.

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Motor Oil

Motor Oil comes 100% from trucks and autos

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